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The details about the food products listed in this app, Shop GMO-Free in the UK, have been supplied to us, The Holistic Works, by the food manufacturers and supermarkets after we wrote to them at the beginning of 2014. In reply, they told us which of their products contained genetically modified (GM), which products are GM-free, which products contain secondary products (meat and dairy from animals fed on feed which has not been guaranteed to be GM-free), which products contain soya and secondary products and which contain soya.

Where we haven’t heard back from the food producers, even though we know they received our Recorded letters, we’ve indicated that they did not guarantee to us, The Holistic Works, that the meat and dairy contained in their products comes from animals fed on GM-free feed, or GM soya or both.

The Holistic Works, therefore, accepts no liability should any information in this app, Shop GMO-Free in the UK, prove to be incorrect. We are merely reporting the information that was supplied or not supplied to us by food manufacturers. If any information in this app proves to be incorrect, the producer of the relevant food is responsible and liable, and not The Holistic Works.

This app, Shop GMO-Free in the UK, does not instruct people which foods to buy or not to buy; nor does it prescribe any course of treatment, and we recommend that you consult your doctor before accepting any new dietary regime and/or you believe that your illness or disease has been caused through eating GM foods.

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The Holistic Works therefore makes no warranties or representations, express or implied about such linked websites, the third parties they are owned and operated by, the information contained on them or the suitability or quality of any of their products or services.

If you decide to access any third party websites and make use of the information contained on them, and/or enter into any contract for the supply of goods or services from such third party, you do so entirely at your own risk. The Holistic Works accepts no liability for any damage or loss, however caused, in connection with the use of or reliance on any information, material, products or services contained on or accessed through any such linked website.


All content in this app, Shop GMO-Free in the UK, is copyright The Holistic Works.

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